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About Us

Concordia Conservatory

Concordia Conservatory exists for the purpose of creating musicians through the Church’s
music and to share the love of Christ with our neighbor. Our congregation, Concordia Lutheran Church, has served the Jackson, Tennessee community since 1934 by gathering to be served in Christ’s Divine Service. The Divine Service is what we call our worship service, which is built upon ancient liturgy and the ever-relevant preaching of God’s Word of Law and Gospel. This sacred time we share each week also provides an opportunity for budding musicians to use their skills for the glory of Christ in our midst. We commend this new initiative into God’s gracious hands with the hopes that many will be strengthened and confirmed in Christ the crucified, all while being enriched in the godly art of music.

Soli Deo Gloria

Pastor Eric Rudsenske

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Music knows no age limit!

There’s no such thing as being too young. While the myth that playing Mozart to your unborn child will turn them into a genius has been debunked, you can start giving your child a great musical foundation right from birth. Music is like a language.

Is it harder to learn an instrument when you’re older?

No, not at all! While it is possible (and easier) for your cognitive functions to forge new paths during childhood, that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn to play music as an adult. In fact, because of your life experiences, you’re able to bring all of that information to the process.

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Introducing our Faculty

Alex Lobo, Director

The Essentials of Theory and Piano

Alex, a native of Brazil, was literally raised in a music school! His first music teacher was his father. At 14 years old, he was already playing piano and organ in his church.  Alex holds two master’s degrees, one in Theology and one in Divinity. During his college years, he took piano, voice, and organ. Alex was a pastor of two churches in Brazil, and has now served through music ministry in Jackson, TN for more than 20 years. Presently he is the Parish Music Director and Organist for Concordia Lutheran Church. He is also the Concordia Conservatory Director.

Aaron Brock


Working as a Mid-South area artist and instructor, Aaron Brock is implementing his vision to bring a fresh yet scholarly approach to guitar performance and education. He holds a master’s degree in Guitar Performance from the University Of Memphis Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music. Aaron brings a wide variety of skills and talents to his field. His current teaching engagements include Union University, Bellevue School of Performing Arts, and a growing studio in Covington, TN. He performs in many varieties of venues including but not limited to concerts, weddings, grand openings, and private dinner parties. Aside from his passion for performance and teaching, Aaron is also an arranger and emerging composer.

Grace C. ShawJones

Visual Arts and Violin

Grace has always had a passion for music and music education and has been playing the violin since she was six years old. She holds a music degree and art minor from Union University where she served as the concertmaster of the Union orchestra. A violin and viola instructor, Grace currently teaches students from age three to adults. She also conducts the Jackson Symphony Youth Orchestra. Currently she plays in the first violin section with the Jackson Symphony Orchestra. Grace also plays in the local hospital and cancer center to give comfort through music as part of The Jackson Symphony’s Integrative Medicine Program. Grace also occasionally performs with The Paducah Symphony and Murray State University. Grace enjoys playing with the group Psallos, touring with them, and recording CDs. Her other love is in the fine arts. In addition to being a freelance artist, Grace Shaw has been an art educator for 6 years. She was previously the art instructor at HomeLife Academy, and held a private art studio for many years. Her students have placed in various art shows and some have gone on to pursue a career in art.

Elise Dougan

Violin Ensemble

Elise Dougan, a native of Brazil, has played violin for the past 29 years. In 2006, she earned a bachelor’s degree in church music from Lambuth University. She currently enjoys serving as a member of the Jackson Symphony. Elise provided private violin instruction for 15 years and now conducts Camerata Strings and Sinfonia Strings, two ensembles for young players. As part of a string quartet—The Jackson Four—Elise provides instrumental music for weddings, churches, and special events throughout West Tennessee.

Tere Ervin


Tere Ervin is a Jackson native and classically-trained flutist who performs extensively throughout Middle and West Tennessee. She serves as principal flutist for the Jackson Symphonic Winds, where she has been a featured soloist. Her chamber trio, Silver and Strings, performs regularly for numerous events and special occasions. The trio consists of Ervin, flute; Elise Dougan, violin; and Penny Kendall, cello. Mrs. Ervin is a private flute instructor and master class teacher, and occasionally adjudicates several area competitions, including All West Tennessee Jr. and Sr. High School auditions, and West Tennessee Solo and Ensemble in Jackson, Martin and Memphis. For the last several years, she maintains and conducts the high school flute choir at Madison Academic Magnet High School. Mrs. Ervin studied flute at the University of Mississippi and Union University. She also plays in several local church orchestras for holiday and other special events; and for various stage musical productions throughout the State. In addition to flute, Mrs. Ervin plays bass and alto flutes, piccolo, Barong, Quena, recorders, Irish whistles, and Napali flute. Performance music includes classical, chamber, jazz, contemporary, Celtic, Latin, and sacred. Her favorite among those is sacred music.

Joey Moore


Joey Moore is a trumpet player and teacher based in Jackson, Tennessee. As a performer, he
performs with the Jackson Symphony Orchestra and with Psallos, an ensemble devoted to setting
books of the New Testament to music. As a teacher, he teaches at Union University and offers
individual instruction to trumpet students in Jackson and Medina, TN. He enjoys teaching
because it is a way for him to help young students discover a love for creating and enjoying

Haelim Allen, D.A.

Visual Arts Advisor

Haelim Choi Allen is an installation artist and painter working in the colorist tradition. She is an Associate Professor of Art at Union University, where she teaches both studio art and Art History. She has shown nationally in such places as Washington D.C., New York City, Baltimore, Milwaukee, and Memphis. She is married to husband Henry, and they have a son, Matthew. They are members of Concordia Lutheran Church.

David’s Harp

David’s Harp – A Center for Musical Development

David’s Harp is an outgrowth of the work and development of St. Paul’s Music Conservatory in Council Bluffs, IA. In 2009, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church established a formal music conservatory in order to raise up church musicians and proclaim the Gospel through music. This manner of music education was well received by the congregation and community alike. Over time, this conservatory not only grew but has become a center of music education within the Council Bluffs community and has developed resources specifically for use in the parish-based music conservatory. Having positive reception from across the synod, the leadership of SPMC has entertained interested ministry leaders from all across the country seeking to establish similar forms of outreach in their own context. Seeing that the work of the local conservatory, resource development, and collaboration with leaders from across the country would be too much for one parish to effectively handle, the leadership of SPMC called for help and created a new organization called David’s Harp. The mission of this entity is simple: Produce music resources and produce centers of musical development around the world.

Where David’s Harp focuses their energy:

MISSIONS: Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.
OUTREACH: Reaching into communities and neighborhoods that surround our churches, schools and mission sites all over the world with the message of Christ.
EDUCATION: Catechizing all ages in the faith through the rich hymns of the Lutheran Church.
YOUTH: Teaching even the youngest among us in every community as we bring them up in the faith.
MUSIC: Using the enormous power of music as the vehicle for all of this.

How they encourage our work:

David’s Harp believes that the Lutheran church is well-positioned for intentional outreach through music. Through strategic planning and collaboration in the areas of resource generation and the establishment of centers of music, David’s Harp will support the Synod’s churches, schools and missions in spreading the Gospel.

Here are a few of our students enjoying music and sharing their talents!