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Concordia Conservatory

Concordia Conservatory exists for the purpose of creating musicians through the Church’s
music and to share the love of Christ with our neighbor. Our congregation, Concordia Lutheran Church, has served the Jackson, Tennessee community since 1934 by gathering to be served in Christ’s Divine Service. The Divine Service is what we call our worship service, which is built upon ancient liturgy and the ever-relevant preaching of God’s Word of Law and Gospel. This sacred time we share each week also provides an opportunity for budding musicians to use their skills for the glory of Christ in our midst. We commend this new initiative into God’s gracious hands with the hopes that many will be strengthened and confirmed in Christ the crucified, all while being enriched in the godly art of music.

Soli Deo Gloria

Pastor Eric Rudsenske

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637 Wallace Rd
Jackson, TN 38305

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